Independents…For Sale



I’m going to get political with my first post.  I think our country is Consumed by the Debate.  What I mean is, I think the majority of voters are idiots.  I really do.  And instead of debating the issues, the voters of this country are taking sides, plain and simple.  The easiest side to take is that of the opposition.  When policies fail you get to say “I told you so!”, and when policies succeed you get to say “my ideas would have worked better!”  It’s so easy!  Who actually has the backbone to stand behind an idea and actually hope it works?

You’ll discover that I do not consider myself a Democrat, Republican or an Independent.  You must be wondering how that is possible.  You have  to be something, right?  Well, I am.  I’m The Middle Child.  I used to say I am an Independent until I came to the realization that most Independents are worse than the Democrats and the Republicans because they allow themselves to be up for sale every single election.  The major parties already know they have their bases.  Their goal is to now convince those sitting on the fence to join them.  That’s how you have the voters in Massachusetts, who usually vote Democratic, vote for a Republican who once posed nude!  I thought the Right was the Moral Authority?  You mean to tell me he won because they liked the fact he drives a truck?!?  I hate to break it to you, but he’s still a wealthy lawyer whose married to a wealthy television personality and they have two soon-t0-be-wealthy daughters.  He’ll go to Washington and become one of them too.  They all do.  Even Obama.

 Don’t think I’m saying this because I wanted the Demorcratic candidate would win.  That’s not my point.  My point is that the voters in Massachusetts only voted him in office to be the opposition.  To me that’s lame.  There weren’t any other Republican candidates out there who actually had a platform other than being the 41st vote?  Does Scott Brown have a plan for the economy?  Do any of the opposiiton?

I had someone tell me recently they did not want any healthcare reform.  To me, that is just plain stupid.  You mean to tell me there is no problem with the way things are currently set up?  I understand that we must now go from opposing everything George W. Bush tried to opposing everything Barack Obama pushes because that’s how we, the weak-minded opposition-only people work in this country, but wasn’t this a universally agreed upon idea before Obama took it on as his top priority?  So, do you not want healthcare reform or do you simply want to see Obama fail?

Parting shot.